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Discover the versatility and style of our Made to Measure Vertical blinds at Greenlane Furnishings, available both in-store and online. Crafted with vertical slats or louvres, these blinds are not only a practical choice but also a chic and modern addition to your home. Let's explore the benefits of choosing Vertical blinds for your windows.

What are Vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds differ from horizontal blinds like metal or wood Venetians, as they move side to side. Each vertical louvre hangs down from a headrail with a chain at the bottom linking them together, and a cord or wand positioned at one side for operation. Ideal for large windows and wide sliding patio doors, Vertical blinds provide a feeling of spaciousness and height. They allow ample natural light while maintaining privacy and stack to the side when open, offering an unobstructed view.

What are Vertical blinds made of?

Our Vertical blinds are crafted from various fabrics, including stunning plains and textures. These fabrics not only look stylish but also come with special properties to address different window-related challenges. From dim-out and glare reduction fabrics for bright sunlight to moisture-resistant and wipe-able finishes like PVC for bathrooms and kitchens, we have options to suit various needs.

What rooms are Vertical blinds best for?

Living Rooms: Ideal for covering large windows or sliding doors, providing excellent light control and privacy.
Bedrooms: Suitable for controlling natural light and maintaining privacy with various fabric options.
Dining Rooms: Create an elegant look while adjusting lighting for family meals and gatherings.
Kitchens: Practical choice for easy cleaning and light regulation during cooking or dining.
Home Offices: Reduce glare on computer screens and ensure privacy during work hours.
Bathrooms: Opt for moisture-resistant Vertical blinds for humidity resistance and privacy.
Sunrooms and Conservatories: Control sunlight and temperature for year-round comfort.

Why choose Vertical blinds?

Versatile Control: Easily tilt the slats for varying degrees of sunlight or close them for a private, cosy atmosphere.

Ideal for Large Windows: Perfect for covering large windows, sliding glass doors, or even as room dividers.

Styles for Any Decor: Choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors, and textures to match your preferred aesthetic.

Easy to Clean: Low-maintenance and easy to clean, making them practical for busy households.

Cord or Wand Operation:Choose between corded or wand operation for flexible control.

Split Option: Opt for a curtain-like effect by splitting the Vertical blinds down the middle, with slats elegantly moving to both sides.