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Have you ever faced the challenge of opening a window obstructed by blinds, especially with inward-opening windows? At Greenlane Furnishings, we empathize with your struggle, and we're thrilled to introduce a solution that will make your life a breeze – INTU Blinds!

Designed to effortlessly clip into the window frame, our INTU Blinds stay securely in place whether you're opening or closing the window. No need for holes or screws – it's all about simplicity and style when you choose Greenlane Furnishings.

Our innovative system utilizes sleek brackets that seamlessly fit into the window bead, creating tension without the need for hanging cords or loops. This not only guarantees a polished appearance but also positions INTU Blinds as one of the safest options available. Elevate or lower the blinds effortlessly to your preferred level, enhancing both convenience and aesthetics.

Safety is paramount at Greenlane Furnishings. The INTU blind system, entirely cord and chain-free, is developed in the UK by our exceptional design team. With no free-hanging cord loops, INTU prioritizes Child Safety, providing peace of mind for families with children, pets, and the elderly.

Choose from Roller, Hive, or Pleated fabric options, along with Venetian slats, and customize your blinds with our range of hardware colours – White, Silver, Brown, and the latest addition, Anthracite, in a sophisticated dark grey tone.

Experience the versatility of Greenlane Furnishings' Hive or Pleated INTU system, available as a multizone option. Perfect for creating an environment that keeps out sunlight while still inviting a pleasant influx of natural light into your space.

Contact us to explore the freedom of a clutter-free window experience with INTU Blinds – where practicality effortlessly meets style. Plus, reach out to us to schedule a professional measurement service tailored to your needs. (Please Note these are currently only available in-store)