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Fifty50 BLINDS

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Introducing Fifty50 Blinds, a versatile and stylish window solution, also known as zebra blinds, vision blinds, and duo blinds. These blinds feature alternating stripes of material, creating a contemporary and functional design. The translucent and solid materials glide between each other, offering you the flexibility to achieve an open, partially open, or closed effect – much like a zebra pattern.

How do Fifty50 Blinds work?

The striped fabric overlaps, allowing you to align the stripes according to your preference. Overlapping the solid stripes covers the window, darkening the room, while alternating the solid and translucent stripes allows some light in, creating a beautiful light-filtering effect without compromising on privacy.

In terms of operation, Fifty50 Blinds function similarly to standard roller blinds. A chain, available in standard white plastic or a stylish nickel chain option, is used to fully raise and lower the blinds.

Why choose Fifty50 Blinds?

Versatility and Convenience: These blinds are the 'do-it-all' option, providing better light control and privacy options due to the dual fabrics.

Familiar Controls: Operating similar to roller blinds, the controls are immediately familiar, but the extra control offered by Fifty Fifty Blinds gives you a third option between opened and closed.

Perfect Daylight Enjoyment: Ideal for enjoying daylight without overexposing your window or inviting in too much glare.

Full Window Coverage: Capable of providing full window coverage, including blackout options for bedtime blinds, or rolled up for a complete view like any other roller blind.

Flexibility for Every Room:Suitable for any room in the home, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Perfect for children's rooms or nurseries, allowing you to position the stripes for the ideal nap time lighting.

Experience the flexibility and contemporary style of Fifty50 Blinds, available at Greenlane Furnishings both in-store and online. For more information or to explore the collection, visit our website and elevate your windows with the perfect blend of functionality and design.