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Discover the timeless elegance of Venetian blinds at Greenlane Furnishings, available in-store in both faux wood and real wood options. Venetian blinds are window coverings featuring horizontal slats made from wood, aluminium, or plastic. These slats are stacked one above another and can be rotated in unison, offering variable control over the privacy and light in your space.

Venetian blinds, with their sleek design, have stood the test of time and remain an incredibly stylish choice, renowned worldwide. They are suitable for almost every room, adding a touch of sophistication to your windows.

How do Venetian blinds work?

Basic Mechanisms: Venetian blinds operate on three fundamental mechanisms - the cord lock, the blind slats, and the tilt mechanism.

Movable Slats: The blinds contain movable slats that can be operated by hand. These slats can be opened and closed, providing varying degrees of light and privacy control. The slats can open inward or outward based on the type of blinds.

Tilt Mechanism: The tilt mechanism allows you to control lighting, privacy, and temperature. Tilting the slats upwards keeps the room warm, while tilting them downwards cools it. This feature provides versatile control over the ambiance of your space.

Lifting Threads:Each slat has holes about 5 inches from the end through which lifting threads pass. These threads are used to turn the slats either clockwise or anti-clockwise, further enhancing your control over light and privacy.

Cord Lock Mechanism: Hidden in the top casing, the cord lock mechanism is essential for opening and closing the Venetian blinds. Pull the cord away from the center of the window to raise the slats and lower them by pulling the threads towards the center. The cord lock mechanism holds the slats in place, acting as a braking system to prevent unwanted movement.

Experience the functionality and style of Venetian blinds at Greenlane Furnishings. Explore the timeless appeal of real wood or the practicality of faux wood options in-store. For more information or to browse our collection, visit our website and elevate your windows with the classic charm of Venetian blinds. (Please Note these are Currently Only available in-store)